Room in a Box: How It Works


Everything you need, shipped to your door, with instructions included. This means you now have time to catch up on Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, instead of scouring the internet for the perfect bedding.


You'll receive a questionnaire about your style, DIY attitude, budget, and more. This will help me understand you better, so we can hit the ground running. 

First Call

We'll discuss your answers, space, and timeline during our 45-minute video or phone conversation.

Design Plan

After the call, I’ll assemble 2-3 design plans to make sure we create a room that showcases their character and your style.

Second call

Each plan will include a color palette, floor plan, furniture, and decor. We'll discuss each option in depth and make sure I've created something you love. This will take approximately 60 minutes, and by the end, we will have decided on a plan that's right for you.


I'll do the legwork and hunt down every perfect piece, so you don't have to.

Room in a Box (or 20)

This is where things get really fun—you'll start receiving packages at your door. All notes, DIY steps, and tips will be sent to your inbox.

What you get

  • Complete vision: you'll be able to visualize your room before buying anything.
  • More time: all you need is one weekend for set up, I'll do the rest.
  • Less stress: you can be confident that your room will be Pinterest-perfect.
  • To focus on your little person, rather than their room.
  • Confidence that their room will be beautiful and functional.
  • Everything shipped to your door.